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PPG Global Refinishing System

Global Refinish System

For professional use only 
The DELTRON™ Global Refinish System offers the latest coating technology from Europe, North America and Australasia to meet the needs of quality-minded, high-production shops. It is PPG's premier refinish system.
As an integrated system, Global is comprised of a single range of tinters to provide the full range of automotive colours for basecoat and direct gloss applications. Global BC delivers solid colour, pearlescent and metallic basecoats. Global DG is a 2K direct gloss acrylic urethane. Global DGLV is a 3.5 VOC direct gloss system that meets high quality demands in VOC regulated environments. It meets or exceeds OEM warranty requirements and is part of the PPG Lifetime Guarantee programme.

Superior Productivity 
High solids pigmentation enables DELTRON� to deliver superior colour hiding capabilities, which translates into fewer coats, faster tape times and less time in the booth. The system is easily recoatable with no complicated or expensive recoat procedures required.

Super fast Speed Systems 
Taking advantage of a super fast clear coat line-up, Global speed systems needs only 10-15 minutes bake time. So no matter whether you paint cars in Wellington, Nova Scotia or Sydney, you can cut baking time in half when compared to competitive paint systems. Combine super fast speed with Global's superior colour match and it adds up to the most productive refinish system your money can buy. Double your productivity. Go with the Global Refinish System.

Global Basecoat Colours 

At the heart of a high quality system.
Based on a range of tinters to give wide, instant colour availability, Global BC, lets you mix high opacity solid, metallic and pearlescent basecoats to suit the wide variety of applications on vehicles originally finished in a basecoat/clear coat system.
It is designed to work perfectly with Global medium or high solids clear coats, to produce a deep gloss finish.
Used in a recommended PPG repair system, Global BC meets or exceeds the performance requirements of vehicle manufacturers' paint system warranties and carries a large number of OEM approvals.
As part of the DELTRON� Global Refinish System, it is backed by fast, accurate Colour Services dedicated training programmes, so that you can reproduce exactly the high quality of the original finish.

Global DG 
High performance that's easy to handle.
The DELTRON� Global Refinish System is designed to give you complete flexibility to choose the performance levels you need for particular body shop conditions.
Within that system, Global DG provides direct gloss colours which are fast and easy to apply, giving a durable finish over a wide range of repair and respray applications.
Global DG is a high performance, two-pack acrylic urethane that lets you mix a broad spectrum of solid colours from a single range of tinters.
Used in a recommended PPG repair system, it meets or exceeds vehicle manufacturer warranty requirements.
As part of the Global system, which carries many OEM approvals, it is supported by our fast, accurate Colour Services, and dedicated training programmes to help you make the most of its speed and versatility.

Global Clears 
Perfect partners for our basecoats
Global Clears are the versatile complements to DELTRON� Global basecoat systems. Whichever one is chosen, and whether they are used in a medium solids, high solids or low-VOC system, all are designed to combine appearance, durability and ease of application.
DELTRON� D800 Clear is a general purpose medium solids clear coat for all kinds of repairs and body shop operations. It can be air dried or low baked. Easy to apply, D800 give a reliable, durable finish, job after job.
Recommended for high solids applications which are going to be stoved, DELTRON� D880 Clear delivers a premium quality finish in two coats, drying in 40 minutes at 60 degrees C.

Versatile enough to cover any surface
PPG offers a range of specialist refinish primers to suit different processes over a wide range of substrates.
For maximum performance over bare metal, there is a choice of two products:
D831 Universal is a chromate-free, universal, pigmented etch primer.
D834 DP40 , a chromate-free epoxy primer which provides a high degree of adhesion both to bare metal and a wide range of plastics.
Offering optimum flexibility and performance, the PPG range of 2K primers is extensive enough to meet any kind of body shop requirement.
D839 Prima is a general purpose fast drying, light grey primer which is widely specified on OEM warranty systems and which can be used as a filling primer, primer surfacer or as a wet on wet primer.
D825 K93 is a coloured surfacer with performance characteristics similar to Prima, which is formed by mixing D825 base with DELTRON� DG colour or tinters. A virtually limitless range of colours can be mixed in this way.
D838 Koba 2K 5+1 is a multi-purpose filler/surfacer/wet on wet with excellent dry sanding properties.
D847 Scansealer is a transparent high performance 2K sealer which can be used as an adhesion promoter as well as a traditional sealer.

Preparatory and Ancillary Products 
All you need for a perfect finish
PPG's comprehensive range of pre-treatment, cleaning and ancillary products provides a complete package for the professional refinisher. These specialised products have been formulated to help the body shop obtain maximum performance from PPG's DELTRON� Global Refinish System in a variety of conditions and circumstances.


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