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Industrial WB Primer L36 Line
A water based, multi-surface white primer that provides exceptional adhesion over both ferrous and timber substrates. Being water based makes it very versatile for areas requiring minimal solvent use. It has excellent sanding properties, making it ideal for use on doors, architraves, kitchens and timber areas. It is recommended for use on wood, hardboard, plasterboard, cement sheeting, cured masonry, cement, cement render, plaster and brick. It can also be used over bare steel, aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel. Topcoat with any icoat topcoat product.

Industrial ZP Primer L35 Line
A quick, air-dry, anti-corrosive general purpose primer.  It is recommended for use on industrial equipment, machinery and metal fabrications. It is quick, easy to use and has great metal protection. Available in grey, red oxide, blue and black, it may be left as is or topcoated with any icoat enamel product. 

Etch Primer L34 Line
A chromate free, acid etching, air dry, universal primer. It is recommended for use on industrial equipment, surfaces and metal component painting. It has excellent adhesion and corrosion protection to a variety of substrates. These include aluminium, steel, galvanised steel and speciality steel substrates. Any icoat topcoat (1 or 2 pack) may be applied over this primer.

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